60 Costco Products That Have Gained a Cult Following for a Good Reason

Best Costco Products

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in a Costco knows that the bulk goods box store has basically everything you can think of — and then some. Groceries? Check. Home décor? Double check. Meds? Mmhmm. Beach gear? Yep. Clothing? Got that, too. In other words, you likely don’t need any help filling your grocery cart to the brim (or beyond). Then again, maybe the mere act of walking through the door renders you immobilized by the sheer volume of choices available to you. In which case, you need a little help narrowing things down.


You can do just that by streamlining what goes on your grocery list. Fortunately, that only sounds difficult. In actuality, the internet has done most of the heavy lifting for you by sounding off online about the Costco products they couldn’t live without. And, TBH, it’s an eclectic array. Food certainly seems to be one of the store’s product categories with the most cult worship. But move over, cashew clusters. Several non-edible items also made the cut… and it’s not hard to see why.

From bean dip to leggings and everything in between, here are some of the Costco products that have a borderline fanatical cult following. And if you haven’t gotten yourself a membership yet, what on earth are you waiting for? Rectify that right here.

A version of this article was originally published January 2020.